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Retaining Walls Retaining walls are one of the most essential parts of your landscape, especially when your property is on a slope. These can be used to keep the heavy soil in your landscape in place. It allows you to utilize your sloping terrain more functionally, as it can cut the slope to give you more useable space. Strong, durable walls segregate your lawns and allow room for flat structures like driveways.

We at Green Thumb Industries LLC are aware that building a retaining wall requires skill and expertise. Our masons have several years of experience, working on projects here in Greenville and the nearby cities of Parker, Gantt, Berea, Wade Hampton and Mauldin.

Retaining walls need to be strong and durable since they need to handle the extreme pressure of the earth. Our clients in Taylors, Greer, Simpsonville, Easley and Spartanburg have trusted us to build walls that would last for a lifetime, keeping their landscape in place. A failure in retaining walls can lead to a lot of expense and worry down the line.

Strong and Reliable Retaining Walls

While strength and durability are important in retaining walls, they also need to look good. Walls that stand out like a sore thumb and clash with the design of your landscape can ruin the entire look of your outdoors. Retaining walls can be a natural extension of your landscape, contributing to the overall design instead of clashing.

  • Block Retaining Walls: These walls are commonly used in residential properties today. They are strong and durable while being relatively inexpensive. You can utilize the concrete masonry units in retaining wall construction and add stone or brick veneers to elevate the look and design.

    You also have the option of choosing a split face block, which is available in different colors and has a textured finish on one side. The latest addition is the retaining wall systems units. These offer a realistic, stone-like surface but are easy to install and are durable.

  • Dry Stone Retaining Walls: This is a very old & durable technique of installing retaining walls and isn’t used that often today. Such walls require a lot of skill to ensure that they’re steady enough to bear the pressure. Some people have also installed dry boulder walls on their property. While this method does offer a unique look, it isn’t as reliable as traditional retaining walls.

  • Brick: These retaining walls come in two different forms. The cavity wall is made up entirely of brick. The structure has two brick walls that stand inches apart and have the same foundation. The space between them can be filled with concrete or grout. The block core wall, on the other hand, is more common. It uses the concrete masonry unit that is covered with a veneer of brick. This veneer can be thick or thin, depending on your preference.

  • Concrete: This material is a bit difficult to work with and most people generally avoid using concrete retaining walls. These walls take a lot of work and skill to construct and while they are durable, they aren’t as visually appealing.

If you have more questions on retaining walls or need an estimate, give Green Thumb Industries LLC a call at 864-201-0101. We’ll be happy to hear from you!

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