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Landscape Lighting Great landscape lighting can enchant you. It can create an atmosphere that’s almost magical. After a long, hard day’s work, a softly lit backyard or patio can be a welcome escape. Lighting is important, but sometimes ignored, part of your outdoor space. Very few consider the important role that lighting plays in the look and feel of outdoor spaces on their properties.

Landscape lighting design is something all experts consider carefully when they create a landscape. Our designers here at Green Thumb Industries LLC have incorporated lights strategically in the landscapes of several clients here in Greenville, and the neighboring cities of, Gantt, Parker, Berea, Wade Hampton and Mauldin. Our general intention with proper lighting is to add allure and drama to your outdoor spaces and yet make them functional.

Our clients in Taylors, Greer, Simpsonville, Easley and Spartanburg have particularly enjoyed how we used lights to highlight certain features of their lawns and gardens. The aim of proper lighting is to hide any problem areas and bring attention to any focal points.

Considerations in Landscape Lighting

There are several factors to take into consideration when you design landscape lighting. You want your garden and yard to show themselves to the best advantage so your landscape lighting design should serve that purpose.

  • The Layout: You need to decide on a good layout for your lighting. It should add just the right amount of glow and warmth to your landscape without standing out like a neon sign. One of the first things you need to consider is the view from inside your home. You want to have a beautiful scene from every window of your home.

    After that, you need to consider the focal points, if you have a fire pit or a fountain, they should be artistically highlighted. You can also draw attention to trees, which can look even more beautiful in the night, if there’s a soft light making them glow. Ideally, you would add lights that create an ambiance and ones that would highlight particular features. Adding lights along the walkways and paths in your landscape would add depth to your design.

  • Strategies: Where you place the light can decide the effect it has on your landscape. You can opt for down-lighting, which gently disperses the light by aiming it towards the ground. This creates a softer, glowing atmosphere and adds a sense of romance.

You can try up-lighting, which is all about drama and intensity. It creates a play of light and shadows and brings the lit surface into focus. For example, if you’re up-lighting a tree, the play of darkness and light can make it the focal point of the landscape.

You can also use a combination of the two, which our designers call cross lighting. The object you’re focusing this light on glows as there are no shadows. At Green Thumb Industries LLC, we believe that you should install lights on pathways, patios, trees, water features, driveways and architectural elements as well. If you have more questions or need an estimate, you can give us a call at 864-201-0101. We’ll be happy to hear from you!

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